Causes of hair loss
Diagnosis of hair loss
Therapy of hair loss
Hair Transplantation
Hair Prosthetics
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Causes of hair loss
Diagnosis of hair loss
Therapy of hair loss
Hair Transplantation
Hair Prosthetics

Causes of hair loss

  Many people when they see hair on their comb or in their bathtub they panic. This is wrong, because a normal head of a person has about 100.000 hairs (Hair follicles) if he loses 40 - 100 hairs a day that is normal because every hair has its cycle that starts with the development of the...
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Frequently asked question
Is the intervention painful?
It does not ache at all because a local callousness takes place.

In how much days will I be able to go to work?
Many people go the next day, after of course they cover the irritated part of their head. Irritation lasts a few days, and then the skin becomes the same at is was before. Other people take a two-day break from work to go through intervention.

After intervention when will I be able to go home?
Because the transplantation is a very surface intervention, minimal people needed to take a painkiller for the first evening.

Is it posible for the organism to reject new hairs?
No, because it has to do with our own cells. The organism rejects foreigne bodies cells, e.g. synthetic hairs.

How many years will my new hair last?
Many years. The roots from the "donor region" are intended from nature to last for ever. If we change there place but only in our own head, they will live as long as we would leave them behind.

The rest of my hair fell of the top region of my head, why won't my new hair fall of?
It is not caused by the region but by the DNA program and the hair grafts.

Will I look as before?
No. The nature is unique. With the transplantation we will strengthen the thin region with thousands of hairs, but the doctors hand will never be able to achieve the initial density of the hair.

I see many people on the road and their head looks like a doll. Will I look the same?
Before several of years the method was done this way. Today nobody will tell the difference because the method is done hair by hair. The people that you can tell the difference did transplantation before many years or recently but not at a organiezed center.

Is my health in danger? Is their a chance later after years for a problem to come up e.g. headaches?
Don't worry at all. The method is very simple.

Why should I prefer PAP CENTER?
Our company deals with hair exclusively many years. Our experience is enormous. The results that we have created is the best publicity. Also because of our reasonable prices.

How much does a transplantation cost?
The cost depends on the surface that we have to thicken. If you intend to visit us you will be informed on how much this will cost. Another way is to send us via e-mail your photograph and we will answer you immediately. Finally you can also phone us to describe us your situation in order for us to roughly tell you how much it will cost.
The best treatment
for hair loss is prevention